Rows per page in data grid2

Hi everyone,   I was creating an application where a user can see his data thru data grid 2 and also be able to select how many rows of data he wants to see on a page, can anyone suggest to me how can we achieve that in data grid 2 as this is something like an internal property of the grid that we as developers define in Studio pro?
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Hey Garima,

There is a property in Datagrid 2, that can help us to achieve this,

you can refer to the image below,

By setting the page size you can decide how many rows will be visible,

Hope it helps!



after it is done, just use an NPE and then set it’s usage accordingly and let the user decide.


Hey Rishabh,


I tried your solution, but I have a doubt now, how can I go to the next page in the grid,

For example: in the data grid I put the data source to be the microflow where I am able to retrieve the data as per the rows chosen by the user but there is a lot of data so how can I go to the next page from here, can you please suggest something as here only 1 page can be accessed and I can’t see the remaining data, I thought it would divide the data in the chunks of how many rows user chooses and the user can go to and fro in the data in the grid