What is the best laptop available to run Mendix on at the moment?

Hi all,   We are looking to buy some new laptops to run Mendix on. In the past, we've had good experience with Dell Precision laptops. With the 5540 model, I can run multiple Mendix projects locally at the same time, without degraded performance. The more recent XPS models, have far infrerior performance. It sometimes takes up to 15 seconds to save a microflow, while running just one Mendix instance and a few browser windows.   Question: what is the best laptop available at the moment to run Mendix Studio Pro on? What are the specific specs of this laptop that make it run smoothly?    Thanks for your help!
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Well, I have worked with many laptops, but you need to understand that the minimum requirement to work on  Mendix is your laptop must have 8GB ram and 512 GB SSD and Mendix works on that configuration also,

So, adding on that the more Memory and RAM, the better the performance,

But if you are going to buy laptops for the team then considering the budget is the thing that should be kept in the mind.


That was just a suggestion :)


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More memory, faster and bigger ssd and most expensive CPU definitively give you the best performance. My two-year old hp envy, 32GB mem, 10-th gen intel core i9 10885-H, with a 2 TB ssd still rocks with 10 Mendix projects open and a couple of them running. Could do with upping the mem to 128GB, but that is it. The screen is an awesome 4K touchscreen, but that is totally irrelevant. Any black and white would be enough, since most of the time you are hooked up to external screen giving you more pixels.

Mine was 2400 in 2020, but the feasible laptops start over 1000 euro. Have a look at this one: https://www.amazon.com/HP-Touchscreen-i9-10885H-Keyboard-Fingerprint/dp/B09YKTTWZR?th=1.