Application Architecture/Design best practices

  Hello,   I am looking for any documentation regarding application design best practices (not the development related given in this dev best practices ). We all know at an abstract level, any application design can be logically defined on at least three levels: a) Data layer b) Business Layer c) presentation layer to promote greater re-usability between the Apps…. so is there a prescribed format for the Mendix applications also ?   Thanks in advance...
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Hey Chayanath,

You might wanna look at this doc for best practices regarding Architecture,

it should give you a good idea,

Hope it helps!


Hi Chayantah, 


Having the right design/architecture depends and there is no prescribed format. Choosing the design depends on:

  • Need to split functionality amongst more than one App (Component based?) due to security, usage, performance restrictions?
  • Is there need to separate business logic from presentation mode?
  • How many integrations are there? Does it make sense to separate external integrations from the business part?

Maybe you can share more details about your business case. 

Regards, Thijs