Message notification timeout

Hi all,    For our application we are buiding we have an API that syncs data every time we update a user.  The problem is however if a client is not connected yet to our API our operations team will get notified every time they update an entity that the entity could not be pushed through the API. Is there a way we can show the message only every x time interval? So they would get it on the first update and then after lets say 45 minutes they get the message again but not every time in between that time interval.   Regards, Thomas
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Hi Thomas,


Thanks for asking your question on the forum. While reading this, I think the best way to reach this goal is by storing the last update attempt and/or last notification moment (DateTime) on your own user entity. When updating the user, you could validate against this DateTime value and only show the message when the difference between the NotificationMoment and CurrentDateTime is more than the number of minutes you desire (45 minutes in your case).


Hopefully this helps!