Widget similar to Listed to widget but for multi select

Hello,   I am trying to achieve a scenario, in the same page if I am selecting multiple objects from data grid, all of the associated data of the selected object should show on same page, just like listen to widget. But I want to do it for multi selected option Do we have any widget for it. Please share your suggestion also to achieve it. Please let me know. Its urgent   Thanks
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Hi Trishla,


I would use Grid2 as the grid. Add a Boolean and a sessionID to your Entity to accommodate the checkbox in the grid for the current users session. Add an on-change event that will refresh the page. All the associated data you can retrieve in Data Source Microflows using an XPath over the Boolean and sessionID to display.


Don't forget to clean the Boolean and sessionID when you make your Grid2 changes objects to be saved.


It this it to cryptic, mail me marco.spoel@t-systems.com , and I will send you an example.


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