Filter an Attribute by a Min and Max Value in a DataGrid, preferably in DataGrid 2

Hello everyone,   I would like to be able to search for a value by giving a min and max value in a Data Grid 2. For example I would like to find Objects that have atleast Length X and at most Length Y.   In Data Grid 1 i can assign 2 Search fields that technically solve my issue, however Length is not the only Attribute I’ll have to search on. There are going to be many Attributes that’ll have the same search criteria and depending on screensize those Search fields won’t be grouped because some will hop into the next line. I would like to avoid that if possible   In Data Grid 2 i can place multiple filters on an attribute, however those filters are OR connected and not AND connected. So by entering values in both search filters it shows me all objects again.  And I would like to avoid adding a 2nd column with the same attribute   Preferably, I would like to solve this with Data Grid 2 Is there maybe an SCSS solution to group the Search Fields in DataGrid1 or is there a way to make the filters in DataGrid2 AND connected?
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Hi Mike,


I have built exactly what you are describing. I created a non-persistent Entity (NPE) containing the two variable values and many-to-many associations with the persistent entities I would like to select over Input Reference Set Selectors. The NPE is the Data Source – Context – Enity Path of  Data View Container (DVC) that has a GRID2 in it with a Microflow as the Data Source _DS_MF). 


The DS_MF creates from the input of the DVC an OQL statement that is selecting the data from the database in one action.


The Microflow to create the OQL statement I can share, and I’m working to optimize it making it “smooth” and “fail-safe”. The current DS_MF limits the number of selections from a List to a given value (for my App I choose 10). The new DS_MF I’m working on has no limits, but it needs some more hours of work to figure out how to select the list of values over the NPE GUID ID using an OQL statement.


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