How to create a dynamic excel for a template provided

Hi , I have a requirement to create a excel as shown below.   In the above format I need to generate a excel, The cells which are highlighted  in yellow are the one that should be filled with dynamic values. Can anyone help me how to to achieve this one.
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Hi RamaKrishnaDatt,


You can achieve it through Excel Exporter module. It is pretty easy to create a template at client. First name and such could be written as titles and yellow parts are chosen as attributes.

Please refer to the documentation of the module;







Hi Ferhat Ayranci,

Thanks for your quick response.

I also have another problem statement, I have a Excel template and the template contains 5 sheets and in the 1st sheet the data should be dynamic and other sheets data should remains same can it be achieved using the  Excel Exporter.


And in the sheet 1 Only some rows data should be dynamically populated from DB.