Highligh the questins in left side when scrolling on respetive qustion in right side

As show in above image: Summary in the left side has a list of questions  Right side is the main section contains questions (from left side) and its respective answers listed one by one. I need to implement a functionality where when I keep scrolling the questions & answers in right side, then its respective question must be highlighted in the left side. Please help me in achieving this functionality.
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You can use a listen to constriction for this.

On the left you have a list of questions and on the right you have a dataview that listens to the list objects (see datasource of the dataview for this option).

The inside the datview you add a list of answers that are associated with the question, when selecting something on the left side the content of the dataview and the nested list will change displaying the answers belonging to the questions.

The for the scrolling on the right you can add a scroll container in a layout splitting the left and right parts of the page.

For the selection as shown in the image on the left this can be achieved with sass styling, just have a look at the classes applied to the selected row and create your custom class to achieve the desired result.

Hope this helps in implementing the complete solution.