Invalid join location error in OQL query

Hi all, I am currently using Mendix 7.14.1 and I am trying to join together 7 tables, each with one column and no data in common. For this I am attempting to use the following OQL query: SELECT T1.COL1 AS column1, T2.COL2 AS column2, T3.COL3 AS column3, T4.COL4 AS column4, T5.COL5 AS column5, T6.COL6 AS column6, T7.COL7 AS column7 FROM (SELECT column1 COL1 FROM table1) T1 FULL OUTER JOIN (SELECT column2 COL2 FROM table2) T2 FULL OUTER JOIN (SELECT column3 COL3 FROM table3) T3 FULL OUTER JOIN (SELECT column4 COL4 FROM table4) T4 FULL OUTER JOIN (SELECT column5 COL5 FROM table5) T5 FULL OUTER JOIN (SELECT column6 COL6 FROM table6) T6 FULL OUTER JOIN (SELECT column7 COL7 FROM table7) T7 During execution an error pops up that reads – Join element contains invalid location: (SELECT column2 AS COL2 FROM table2) AS T2   Can anyone please guide me on how I can rectify this error?
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Use UNION in stead of FULL OUTER JOIN.


Also consider the column – COL renaming/alias, don’t use columnX twice