Popup Page Closure Settings

I am having an issue with a Popup page that returns the results of a search then closing the popup and running a different search.   When I perform a Search on one of our General Search fields like Noun (obj_description) I get a result. However, if I close the Results Pop-up page and go back and perform another search on a different search field Part Number it gets the Warning message. It wants a value in the Noun field now. This only happens with the Pop-up page and closing it with the x, not a Responsive Page where you use the back button to return to the Search Page. If you go back and come into the Page you can search on any one field as usual so there’s a Page refresh issue.   Input Search parameters in the first of two available fields from Page_1 Search results show up in the Popup page Page_2 Close the popup Page_2 with the small ‘x’ in the top right corner (returns user to Page_1) Rerun search with the parameter changed to the second of two available fields Page_1 Receive Warning Message error  
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I don’t hink this has to do with the popup, but rather with the flow executing the search action. I’d try and see what data is being recieved by using the debugger on the search flow.