Mendix 9.20 is slow/unworkable when you copy things

Since the update to 9.20 the modeler gets really slow when you copy certain things on a page or microflow. When you have nothing on your clipboard the modeler works fine. But as soon as you copy a datagrid or even an empty container or just a text widget the modeler gets really slow even when you have pasted it. Every click is slow, simply adding a new tab in a tabcontainer or clicking your right mouse button (contextmenu) is slow when you have something on your clipboard. The performance issues disappear when I copy a text from my notepad. Are there any other known performance issues with 9.20?
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Hey Coen,


This issue also reached us through support, and has been identified. It will be fixed in 9.21, which should (if I have the right dates in mind) become available next week. 🤞