Page is loading quickly in local, whereas in server(development environment) it is taking almost twice the local time

We have a Mendix Application wherein all the pages are taking more time (almost twice) in server compared to Local. Is there any reason or any solution to fix it ?
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Several factors could cause this.

  • Resources. What kind of cloud node are you using, and what are the specs of your local system? Suppose your local system has multiple cores and lots of memory available, and the cloud node only is an XS or S instance. In that case, the cloud environment has fewer resources, and the app can run slower.
  • Geographical location. If you're located very far from the instance you're running from; response times can be much higher. I've seen this before with developers in India and the app deployed in the US. Combined, this can cause a high latency and add in a high ping on your local connection, this can result in a slow user experience.
  • Data. Your local system probably has less data than your test cloud node. If you have heavy actions, these will run faster with less data.