Search in Grid for Multiple Associations with AnySearch/Multifield

I have an Grid based on an Adress Entitiy which is searchabel with multifield. This works but only without the multiple assosiation.   So i need help to search also in the referenced Names of the “KontaktPerson” and “KontaktAllgemein”   Here a snippet of the model   Here the grid (works fine without Kontakt..)     As seen below, the “Kontakt” is not available..     Perhaps an easy thing. Would be nice if soneone can help..
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Hi Torsten,

I don't think this is possible in the way you are attempting now. You could use a workaround though:

  1. Set an attribute ‘contactnames’ (string) on the ‘addresse’ entity
  2. Whenever a contact gets added or removed, make sure to reset the ‘contactnames’ on ‘Addresse’ . You can do this by including a subflow which iterates over the contacts and saves there name as a string like: Contact1, Contact2, Contact3 etc.
  3. Now you can search in this new attribute using the contains method

Hope this helps!


Hi Matteo,


i normaly try to avoid redundant infos.

Is there perhaps another way to search for this? May be with xPath?
There should be someone who has solved this as mendix is on air for some years ;-)


Thanks for every idea ..