Find current user full name

There have been many on this forum asking this question but I still don’t have the answer.   I’m trying to show the Full Name of the current user in my data view. I have put in my data view a text-box called  User with a data souce of the FullName attribute.   How do I set up my microflow or my data view to show this.   End-point is to show in my app next to the words User:(FullName) of the current user.   Thank you 
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Hey Gal,

set the datasource of the dataview to microflow, and then,

in the microflow, retrieve the Account entity from the database, with Xpath constraint 


and the set the range to ‘First’ and then return the object.

And in the dataview, show the full name attribute.

you can refer to the image below, for the microflow,


Let me know if you face any issues,

Hope it helps!