Error Invalid JSONRequest JSONObject[name] not found after upgrading Mx9.21

After upgrading to Mx9.21 at every user action an error occurs. It doesn't explain anything..   Did this happen with you as well and did you find any solutions?      
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Hi Peter,

Can you check if the cachebust id in the index.html matches with the ID in the src tag like in the example below:



I was facing the same problem. I resolved this issue by clearing the cache and cookies in browsing history after deploying.




Did anyone find a resolution for this? I am experiencing this problem after migrating to 9.21


It's possible that the error 'Invalid JSONRequest JSONObject["name"] not found' is occurring due to a problem with the Mendix application after upgrading to Mx9.21.

To troubleshoot this issue, you could try the following:

  1. Check the client-side code that is making the request to ensure that it is sending the "name" field in the request payload. This field is required by the server, and if it is missing, the server will return this error.

  2. Check the server-side code to see if there are any issues with how the request is being handled. This could include checking the microflow or nanoflow that is responsible for handling the request to see if it is correctly extracting the "name" field from the request payload.

  3. Check the network infrastructure to see if there are any issues with the connectivity or configuration. This could include checking the server logs to see if there are any errors related to the request.

  4. Consider using a tool like a packet sniffer or request debugger to examine the request and response payloads in more detail to get a better understanding of the issue. This can help you see exactly what data is being sent in the request and whether the "name" field is present.


if you Add a dataview around the datagrid,you can try Remove the dataview.