Excel export 1:N relation

Hi all, This is my setup for an XML (potentially more formats) export: Entity A and entity B with 1:N relation.  1st entry has 1 product under it from entity B, 2nd entry or entity A  have 4 products of entity B and 3rd entry have 0 products, etc   I did set up a microflow to export filtered data, that works fine, but each association is a new row. Therefore 2nd entry have 4 rows in excel sheet with 90% duplicated data, only product name and price is different. I need it to be in a single row as in previous version "export excel" in datagrid 1. Is there any workaround for this?    Thank you        
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Hi Patrik,

If you want to show the data in one column, I think you will have to create a new string attribute on the entity you are exporting. To set this string attribute you retrieve all associated objects and loop throught them. You then set the string attribute to be: $object1 + ‘,  ‘ + $object2 + ‘,  ‘ + $object3. This way you can show all your data as a string in just one row.

Hope this helps!