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Hello Experts, I want to create a dynamic dropdown for my project, the page has 2 dropdowns(vehicle type and vehicle name) , lets say if i select the value in 1st drop down ( lets say 2-wheeler) the 2nd dropdown should only show the name of 2-wheeler objects.  How should i design the domain model/microflow and the data source/Xpath value’s in reference selector. Apologies for the potentially quite basic question, there are many similar issue reported by me. I tried all the given solutions but couldn’t get this resolved.   Thanks in advance
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Hi Abhishek,

You can visit to the following question, here I have explained, how to achieve this requirement,


Let me know if you face any issues,

Hope it helps!


Your dropdowns are reference selector of objects?


If yes, create a helper (non persistable) entity where you have to associate it to the other entities. Then you can access the 2nd dropdown properties and go to the selectable object tab and use the xpath to retrieve only objectes related to the 1st dropdown using the helper entity to get which object is selected.


Hi Abhishek,

Refer this documentation.



Thank you !! Arun/Raique  for response.


Although m still unable to solve the issue. Attaching snip of my use case to get better understanding. Please check and guide through this.


Below is the Microflow to fetch the DB data(external) to my mendix Entity(DataBase)

Data in Entity ‘DataBase’


Domain Model

Below Microflow to call another microflow(shown above) and to show a form page to (Page_5)[where dynamic dropdown is require]

Below microflow is triggered by a button shown on homepage

Page_5 with 2 refrence selector

Site reference selector Properties


Project reference selector Properties


Below is the final result. It should show  only Project1 but instead its showing all the options available in project column.