Mendix - Teamcenter Connector with SSO

Hello, Have anyone tried connecting to Teamcenter with Mendix  SSOoption enabled? I’m trying to connect to Teamcenter with SSO and the connection is successfull but facing issue in redirecting to Mendix page. How to redirect back to Mendix page, if anyone tried please let me know   Module Name- Teamcenter connector Thanks in advance
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To connect to Teamcenter with SSO (Single Sign-On) enabled on Mendix and redirect back to the Mendix page, you can follow these steps:

Configure SSO in Teamcenter and get authentication details such as authentication provider ID and shared secret.

In Mendix, add a third-party provider authentication widget to your login page. You can find this widget in the "Authentication" section of the "Modeler Toolbox".

In the third-party authentication provider widget configuration, set the authentication provider ID and shared secret obtained from Teamcenter. Also, define the landing page the user should be redirected to after successful login.

When the user tries to access the login page, the third-party authentication widget will redirect the user to Teamcenter to log in with SSO. After successfully logging in, the user will be redirected back to the landing page defined in Mendix.