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Hello  everyone, I have 3 entities in my model – Submitter, Contractor and Client Submitter is associated with Contractor with many to many reference. Many Submitters are associated with  1 Client. Many Contractors are associated with 1 Cient. With referenceSetSelector I want the user to be able to connect many Submitter with a Contractor. I want to give the referenceSetSelector a page parameter – Client so the only Submitters that show are the ones connected to the Client. At this moment I am able to show all the Submitters.
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Hey Yordan,

You can visit to this question, here I have explained how to achieve a requirement of similar condition,

you can use this idea to achieve what you want.

Let me know if you face any issues.

Hope it helps!!



You can use the ‘constrained by’  option from the ‘Selectable objects’  section of the reference set selector:

Mendix autogenerates the possible constrain option here. In this case you can chose the path that constrains the submitters to the ones associated with the client with your contractor.

Hope this Helps!