Is it possible to reset all the css or html regarding the login page?

Good evening,   A project member of mine made some custom adjustments (probably) in de login.html. He over-ruled the standaard login components with fancier ones. But they are non-adjustable and he can't change it back.    I created an standaard login page where users can sign-in/register. I've set is as default home page as shown in training video's but the html/css coding overrules this. In the custom fancy version you can only login in using mxadmin.   How do I undo this trouble? We kept working on other components but have to wait for him to fix, which is probably not going to happen soon.   Any hints would apreciated,   Kris
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Reserve his commit. To do so, create a new branch using the last commit before his error-commit. Then import the correct commits that you added later.

If any other changes were made in his commit, you might need to copy&paste those.