Trying to assign order from employee to employees manager

Hi All,   I have a requirement where employee places the orders and managers should approve or reject the orders. Now, I want to assign the order placed by employee to his/her own manager. I tried several XPath commands to do this via a microflow, none of them worked. Domain Model Structure: Employee_Manager is a self reference association for the entity “Team Member”. It is 1-* association where many employees report to 1 Manager. Here, Employee is the owner of multiplicity. There is an entity named “Order” and I have an association “Order_TeamMember” which has 1-* association where 1 TeamMember can place multiple orders. There is an attribute in “Order” entity named “Manager” which I want to save as Manager’s name when employee places an order. I am not getting how to achieve this. Please help me in solving this. 
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The magic word is reversed()


Try to understand the concept and the basics well, because it can be complex.


Alternative is an extra ‘ManagedBy’ entity with 2 associations to Employee