Document generator after upgrade to MX9 not working properly.

Hi all.   We have encountered an issue with the document generator since the upgrade from mendix 7 to mendix 9. The following things has been done to test the Generate Document widget. - Tested in Mx7.23.19 and it worked perfectly - Upgraded to Mx9.12.3 and we got errors about external entities (In the forum there is a solution to replace them in the string) - Foreign languages like Chinese, Russia, Thai and so many more will be converted to #### - Upgrade to Mx 9.18.3 and see if the issue still remains. Unfortunately YES Created a new project in Mx 9.18.3 and created a document to check if the issue is due the upgrade from Mx7. Unfortunately YES. This has nothing to do with it Tested with Rich text instead of CKeditor to check if external entities were used. This works fine for most cases. The questionnaire should work fine with this. The biggest change in the document generator is that foreign languages like Russian or Chinese are shown as ### on the PDF file. This has nothing to do with the texteditor. Because we get a lot of foreign languages in our system, this is a very big issue!!   I really hope someone has an amazing idea how we can fix this. 
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This is how we fix that problem in our applications. 

Add in your project folder \[ProjectName]\resources\ fonts that you want to be used in your document (for example arial.ttf). This font of course should handle all the languages that you need.

Next in the same folder add/change ‘fop.xconf’ file in a part of the definition of fonts (<fonts>...</fonts>).

For that arial from an example please add: 

 <font kerning="yes" embed-url="arial.ttf">
        <font-triplet name="arial" style="normal" weight="normal"/>

 Of course please add here all fonts and all styles that you need here. 

Next in main options of your document in Mendix Studio Pro please add in custom style “font-family:arial;” (of course that is for our arial from example).


I hope this will do the job for you, the same as this fixed our problems with PL language characters, after update to MX9...



Thanks! This works like a charm. 

Just want to add that you need the right format in the xconf file. (See FOPFonts ( for and example.

And if you use Times or Helvetica as name, you don't have to add a custom style.


Now most languages are supported. This totally depends on the font you have chosen.