Deeplink after login does not work.

Hi all   We have setup the deeplink functionality in our application and after receiving the link via mail it works perfectly when the user is already logged into the application. However, when the user is not logged in yet, the deeplink is not found after the user has logged in. The Deeplink microflow from the module runs but not pending deeplinks are found. The problem is that the deeplink part of the url is appended to the base url, but it seems that mendix does not recognize it.   So when logged in and clicking on the link we get redirected to the proper page within the application and the url ends in index.html When not logged in and clicking on the link we get redirected: base url + /login?cont=%2Flink%2F  + the rest of the deeplink that is appended.   Any idea how this comes? I have read multiple posts with this issue but for us we do not want to create a custom login page with the java snippet trick. We want to reuse our HTML page.   Any help is appreciated!   Kind regards Kevin        
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Most of the time the problem is the navigation and that the home page of a role is a page instead of a microflow that first checks on a pending link for this user before opening the page you want the user to goto as homepage.







Try setting the main url inside LoginLocation parameter at deeplink. If it is not a workable solution, you can set this parameters in your yaml or config file which can you find on your hosted environment .



Hi Kevin and All,

Set the Deeplink Constants as below:

  • DeepLink.IndexPage:"index.html"
  • DeepLink.LoginLocation:""

You can try below Custom Runtime Settings for App Environments:

  1. com.mendix.core.SameSiteCookies > Value: None
  2. EnableKeepAlive > Value: true

It will solve this Problem.