Get Total Item/Row Count

Hello Everyone, I want to know the process of getting count of something. I have a supplier’s list (List View) and on another page I want to display total no. of supplier’s in total. I make the microflow in which I retrieve the data and the count with aggregate list. I want to know where should I call this microflow?
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Hi Asad,

You can do this by making a non Persistant entity and then use an attribute Count (int).

Now, put a dataview on the page where you want to show the count, Set the datasource of the Dataview to microflow, now in the microflow, retrieve the Supplier’s list and the using aggregate activity, count the total no. of Suppliers, Now  use a create activity, and then create the NPE and set it’s Count to $SupplierCount and then return the object.

It will show the total count of the suppliers.

Let me know if you face any issues,

Hope it helps!!


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