Enumeration Data Type needs to view as count

I have a field which has enumeration Data type 'Low Risk', 'Moderate Risk', 'High Risk'. I want to show the count of these 3 separately. Like if Low Risk comes 3 times then I need to show total 3 in another page. What is the procedure to show the count like these things?
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Hey Asad,

You can make an NPE for this also, and Make 3 integer attributes in that, Name of the 3 attributes can be,

( LowRisk_Count, ModerateRisk_Count, HighRisk_Count).

Now on the page where you want to show the data,

Put a dataview on the page and set its data source to Microflow, Now,

In the microflow, using retrieve activity, retrieve all the Risk which have LowRisk enum and then using aggregate list activity, count them,

You can refer to the image to know how to do it,


Now retrieve all three  enums like this and count them, one by one,

Now use a create Object activity, create the NPE object you just, and set it’s attribute on the base of the count you just retrieved.


Let me know if you face any issues,

Hope it helps!!



Use list operation and take count and return the microflow like wise use for 3 enum and call the microflow to page