Exist dependency in Pie Chart?

Hi, We are trying to show two pie chart and we want that the second one show data releated to the previous one. When you click in one part of the first pie chart it should show the data associated in the second pie chart. Is it possible ?     Thanks in advance, Mikel Castro
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Hi Mikel,


It has been a while since I used the chart widget, but maybe you can try to do the following;

- Create a surrounding DataView with a context object. Make sure that there is an association between the context object (new NP object, I assume) and the ‘slice’ object you would like to click on.

- Add a nanoflow in which you set the association of the context object to the ‘slice’ object.

- Set the nanoflow as an on-click action in the chart settings.


As I mentioned; it has been a while since I used the widget myself. Hopefully, this guides you in the right direction.