Getting The theme could not be compiled error when opening the upgraded application in 9.6.10 Studio pro (Application upgraded from 8.12.1 to 9.6.10)

  Hi Team,   When we upgraded the application 8.12.1 to 9.6.10. After upgrading to 9.6.10 when I tried to open the application getting below error     Please find my folder structure as shown below     Kindly help me in resolving the theme error
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Hi Vijaya,


There are two options why you get this error.

1. there is an error in the SCSS file
2. The file that Mendix studio is looking for is not at the correct location.


In case of options 2, copy the scss file from the location where it was in version 8.12.1 and copy it to "...\your_project\theme\web". Deploy your app again and check the results.


Hope this will help,