Big red cross in page editor Studio Pro

Dear community,   Over the last few days I have been getting the below red cross when editing a page within Studio Pro. I am able to save the page and also all the properties on the right side are still editable, but the page disappears and is replaced with this big red cross. I looked around but couldn’t find anything about this error/bug.  If I close the page and reopen it, everything is fine again. Everyday I (re)started my studio pro at least one time, so that can’t be it   Happy to see if anybody else is facing this problem and knows either what to do about is or knows what is causing it   Thanks in advance!
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Hi Lars,


In general, a red cross in Mendix mean that the environment is not working properly. Often undesired behaviour of your studio comes from marketplace modules that were deleted without being manually removed from the UserLib directory. If that is the case, I would suggest you clean up de UserLib folder in order tot get more stability.


More details on this

  • Status
    • White (blank) – the environment is stopped or was never deployed
    • Green (check) – the environment is working correctly
    • Orange (horizontal line) – the environment has warnings
    • Red (cross) – the environment is not working correctly

Hope you this will help,