Studio Pro 9.21 / 9.18 / 9.12: Working Area Static in Design Mode or when editing SCSS files

I tried editing pages in Studio Pro’s “Design mode” (working area > upper right corner switch) with all the versions given in the title. Whenever this mode is active, the working area becomes “static” or undynamic. You can solve it by resizing the window, but that is quite inconvenient. For pages, that is no big deal as you can simply turn on “Structure mode” again and check your optical changes while running your app locally in a browser window. Now I am working through intermediate learning paths, struggling here:  When opening the “custom-variables.scss”, the same issue occurs as in design mode: The working area shows the content of the scss file, but “freezes”. When clicking and typing anything in there, you won’t see changes until resizing the window. I tried version 9.18 and 9.21 (which isn’t compatible with the learning path [that needs Studio and Studio isn’t supported in 9.21] but I wanted to find a solution in the current version).   What could be a solution for this? Maybe I got the wrong java version or whatever?   If the question was already answered, I am sorry – I did not find anything comparable in this forum.
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