Dynamic Filters for Datagrid

Hello Mendix People, Datagrids can implement filters aka “Search Fields”.   The user wants to be able to change and set default values for the filters dynamically without using Mendix Studio Pro. How could this be achieved?
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Hi Bertran,
For achieving this requirement, you can visit to my blog,
There I have explained how to implement a dynamic filter,
You can visit the blog by clicking the link below,
Let me know if you face any issues,
Hope it helps!!!


Hi Bertran Ziyadov,

You can follow the blog mentioned by Rishabh Shandilya, but you should play around with that with some tweaking. 

  1. Instead of using NP entities use persistable entities in order to save your filter.
  2. You can add a button to save the filter and commit it to the database. 
  3. Associate the Filter entity with your account, so that you don't end up creating many objects for the same entity.

Hope this helps!!