Disable collaborative development mendix not possible

I converted this app from version 9.15 to 9.21.  I would like to download a line which i do not have locally yet but it’s not allowing me due to collab dev being enabled. I do not get the button visible to disable this in branch manager.   Any suggestions?   Thanks  
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Web modeler is discontinued so this feature is no longer available in 9.21. So make a branch of a 9.15 version and merge it there and commit it.


Ok. I figured out the answer.


On Mendix Pro 9.21, 

Version Control → Branch Line Manager → Select on the Main Line in the “Branch Line Panel” and click the “New” Button.

A new window called “Create Branch Line” will pop up.

In this window, one does need to click on the SELECT button to select a revision version and then enter a desired branch name.


Once the new branch is created. the older version can then be loaded into the Pro 9.21.