Though assigned anonymous role to page but still redirecting to login page.

Hi, I need Client Feedback form to be accessible without asking login and I created new module role and assigned that to anonymous user role. But still, it is redirecting to login page. Below are the steps how I implemented, can some one help me in implementing anonymous access to this page. Currently, when I click on link in email, it is opening the feedback page with correct object id only If I already loggedin.   Created a new object for Client feedback entity and then getting that GUID, creating feedback page url and sending that in email like below. When clicking on this id, will open client feedback page with existing client feedback id When click on submit button in feedback page, it is calling microflow to save the object. Created a new role ‘NoAccess’ in the module ChenoaMetrics and assigned that role to feedback page, client feedback entity and microflow which is saving the feedback page details. Assigned ChenoaMetrics.NoAccess module role to Anonymous user role Allowing anonymous users
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Hi Keerthi,

Once the user clicks on the ‘Client Feedback form’ from email you can do anyone of the two things,

  1. you can use deeplink to navigate to the respective page.
  2. you can add url to the page properties and the page can be accessed directly without login page, since anonymous has been configured.

Check the below link to know more about deeplink

Check the below link to know more about the page url parameter


Hope it helps!!!




Try to see if it will work if you make your feedback page the home page for Anonymous. 


When I try to set feedback page as home page for anonymous, it is giving me below error.

How I have implemented is: I already created a client feedback object before sending email and using that object ID, creating a dynamic/new page url (eg:http://localhost:8080/p/pg/95138542128203730).

So to solve the above error, I need to create a microflow and get the id from url in the email and retrieve the feedback object. But how can I call a microflow on email link click?