How to additional fonts for PDF Templates in Font Family Drop down.

  Fonts in below Drop down :       Followed the Process in below thread :   But had to add in Custom Styles Tab . Is there any way to Update the Font Family Drop down for Customs Fonts in Style editor Screen ?  I’m trying to add Arial Font .
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Here is the documentation to add custom fonts:


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Hi Sai,

If you use font-family:Arial in your document template it will search for a font-triplet with the name arial. Or in  case if you are looking for Klavika RG, setting the loglevels to trace give youthe following warning:

Font "klavika rg,normal,400" not found. Substituting with "any,normal,400". because i had also facing the same issue. To fix this i simply changed the font-triplet name to lower case in my fop.xconf. While i am not sure on what the documentation of fop states of using triplet names capital letters.
I had same issue with PDF. then i

Changed from
<font-triplet name="Arial" style="italic" weight="bold"/>

<font-triplet name="ArialMT" style="italic" weight="bold"/>


<font-triplet name="arial" style="italic" weight="bold"/>

<font-triplet name="arialMT" style="italic" weight="bold"/>

Read this blog once,


Thank you.