use ssms database for display pie chart in mendix ?

how to use ssms database for display pie chart in mendix 
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Hi Nikhil,


To access the data use the Database Connector:


The next step is to prepare the data for usage in the Pie Chart. Depending on the presentation options (see next), you either populate the data retrieved using the Database Connector in, for example, a non-persistent Entity that is the source for the Pie Chart, or when using Any Chart, you need to transform the data into a JSON using an Export Mapping.


Finally, there is the presentation. There are two options, the standard Pie Chart and Any Chart . Although harder to configure, the power of the plotly engine powering the Any Chart is phenomenal. See for all its use cases and options. 


It took me a whole day to figure out how the Any Chart had to work for me as specified in the User Story. I used to get the basic setup right.


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