formatDecimal error

I have a specific problem with the formatDecimal function. It just doesn't work for me :) Why? Probably the language used in the application has a different decimal separator than the one Mendix uses by default. Or it happens because of Windows language settings. The following error appears when I try to use this function in Studio Pro: Theoretically, the system language indicates a ',' as the decimal separator, but I cannot use it in the function because it separates the function arguments.   This also happens when I try to pass a decimal number from entity as a parameter: where Does anyone have any idea what I can do to make it work? :) Unless I have to write a function myself that will do this but that's not so easy on the other hand bearing in mind the limitations of the functions I can use here
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Are you using this function in a microflow or a nanoflow? As per the documentation, formatdecimal works differently in nanoflows: