Change object for multiple text box fields with just one validation rule via variable?

  Hello, Mendix,   In my form I have multiple text boxes which require the user to enter hours into one text box and minutes into another text box.   I am creating a validation/change object which validates if you have entered a number between 1-9 and then changes the entered data: if 1 then 01, if 2 then 02 etc and so on for all the hour and minute text fields.   The issue is that in order for this to work I have to create a validation and change object for each individual hour and minute text field, of which there are 10.   So my question: Is it possible to somehow wrap all the required 10 separate hour and minute text fields into some sort of variable via a retrieve or other way so that in my validate and change microflow it only requires 2 actions which change the entered number regardless of which of the 10 text boxes is being validated and changed?   For example validation/change: $variablename = ‘1’ if true ‘0’ + $variablename.   Thanks!
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Hello,it might be something like this


if length($variablename) =1 


‘0’ + $variablename