Textbox grouping digit issue in French language

Hi, We have some input textbox in our application, there we need to group the digits as per the language selected. In 7.23.8 version, the values are populating as expected in French language(fr_CH) as below For Ex: 123'123'123 After upgrade to 9.12.4, the values are not populating as expected for French language(fr_CH).It is displaying as below For Ex: 123 123 123 The values are populating along with white space, how to make this working as 7 version?
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It seems like some of the language regions were changed in Mendix 9.6.4, I imagine it has something to do with that:



Other options can be found here, maybe you can check if one of the others suits your needs? https://docs.mendix.com/refguide/language-settings/