In datagrid, How can I change the position of control bar button and shift it to bottom of the page?

I want to use the control bar button ,but need to place it at the bottom of the page. If I use other button for the purpose then it is giving me error of unmatching arguements.
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Hello Vivek,


What you could do is this:

- Place a dataview below the datagrid

- Set the datasource as listen to widget and select your grid

- Place an action button with the same microflow as your control bar button, in the dataview


Please let me know if this works out for you.



Hi Vivek,


Thanks for asking. Some default widgets, such as the original datagrid, are following some UX best practices. Without some styling and/or JS, it's not possible to position the buttons below the data by default.


To accomplish this, you could investigate if the datagrid 2 offers you enough flexibility. Otherwise, custom styling or another implementation (with a listview, for example) could help you proceed.