Not able to access Dynamic url in UAT ut the same is accessible in Local

I am trying to open a feedback url in a new page when I click on the link. Here am dynamically constructing the url like: $AppURL+'/p/viewfeedback/'+$GUID. Issue: In local page is opening in new tab with out any issue but in UAT, the page is not opening. But when I change $AppURL+'/p/viewfeedback/'+$GUID to $AppURL+'/#/viewfeedback/'+$GUID it is working.   Changing /p/ with /#/ opening the corerct page in UAT but this is not correct solution.   Can someone help me in fixing this issue.   Thanks
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Hi Keerthi,


Kindly check the path based restriction in Network tab of your environment

Environment->Test/Acceptance Environment->Details->Network

Kindly check the Path Based Access Restrictions

Refer the below document link