Retrieving Object/List from User entity without server call

Hi Community,  In our application we are using Custom login , that checks user credentials using REST API and after  success response then user allowed to land on Dashboard page and we are associating Login response ( which has auth token, session id and other session information ) with User entity.  When  we are navigating to some other pages or doing add/edit/delete somehow our login entity association get lost. so that when we are trying to get value from that login, its throws empty object error. so to check that  association empty, we are using nanoflow( microflow)  timer . for each 1 second this nanoflow will be executed there we are retrieving that User/Login Association . If its empty then we are populating a msg to user to Logout.   so what happened here is, every second, that retrieving activity makes a server call. Can we retrieve that object without making server call
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Please reconsider you SSO setup, because it is not recommended solve it like this. Look in the marketplace modules like MendixSSO, SAML, OIDCSso, OAuth etc. Normally they login (via other systems), create a user session and and leave a cookie in the browser for the user session. Then they redirect to the Home Page.