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Hi guys! :)   I am digging into Excel Exporter. It is possible to add a retrieve into the microflow  to generate the Excel so we can add information from a non-persistant entity in order to mix information from 2 different entities for example?   Also if I create a template worksheet in which I retrieved an entity with missing values in some attributes and other attributes with values Excel Exporter doesn’t show any information at all. I created in other entity an empty attribute and it show it properly with attributes with information filled and the empty attribute only with the header, I can upload some photos but I think it won’t clarify it too much.   Thanks in advance for your time!!   Regards   Adolfo
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Hi Adolfo, 

in this situation I think you have 2 options, if I’m wrong please let someone to correct me.

With first option you can store the items in a PE and then delete them after you exported Excel
Second option I will say is to build your own Excel export with a java action.

Maybe third one, not sure is it relevant but to use datagrid, I think it can export NP to excel.

I hope this can help you.

Kind regards,