Notificaion on forum

  Hi all, I try to use Notification module with mendix 9.20.0 , I’m interesting the noti from mendix forum as picture. what is the name of Notification module that use for forum ?   Thanks, Somboon  
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Hi Somboon Srisamanuwat,

You should do a Custom implementation for this.

Have a Separate entity to show notification messages and keep another boolean attribute for Read/Unread Status.

Keep necessary associations, for example, account entities to show user-specific notifications, etc.

In your Top Navigation bar use the Badge button widget in Mendix to show the count and keep a list with XPath constraint to show the notification list.


Hope it Helps!!


It is some sort of a push notification module. You can explore these.


Mendix Marketplace - Pusher


Mendix Marketplace - Web Push Notifications


Mendix Marketplace - SimplePushNotifications