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I have an entity “Task” – when a user creates a new task I have an option to indicate that the new task is a gating item to a current task (or not). This means does this new task impact the execution of an existing task.    I have the “Gating Task” as a boolean – if they select “True” i would like the user to be able to select from existing Task Names in the database to associate to.    For example, I am building a house and I have tasks:    Pour Foundation  Build Walls    I want to be able to flag that “Pour Foundation” is a gating item for “Building Walls”    I can not figure out how to have a drop down of existing Task Names to show up on the screen for the user to select if they state “True” to gating item OR even have that be on another page.    I have tried microflows, reference selectors, etc. but I think because I don’t have a way to associate a task name to another task name in my domain model this isn’t possible? I can select a project name but not another task name. 
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Hi Jaclyn,


Here is how I did it. Create an Entity that refers to itself:


Create the overview pages by right-clicking the Entity.

I changed the grid into a grid2. With another grid2 inside.


My setting of the outer grid2:


The settings of the inner grid2:


The datasource Microflow:

The retrieve action:


This is the result:


The boolean is not required because it can be observed in the data model. If you have a task with other tasks associated to it, you determine it is gating. The boolean value can be calculated, so the user doesn’t need to set it. For Example, if Build roof depends on the Build walls, that Build walls is gating as well. 


That works already in this setup:

but you don’t want the user to go back to Build walls to change the boolean. 

So, add logic to set the gated boolean in your save button microflow on the Task_NewEdit page.


Go Make It

p.s. if unclear, comment what needs further explenation





I’m not totally understanding what I’m doing wrong specifically with the Data Grid 2 inside Data Grid 2. I have created a mock app just to play with this. I have done as follows:


  1. Created Entity Task self-referring (COMPLETE)


  1. Created overview pages (COMPLETE)
  2. Created Microflow – (COMPLETED) 


  1. Created “Outer Data Grid 2” – COMPLETE ?? 

Outer Data Grid Settings: 



  1. Inner Data Grid 2 – STUCK 

Where do I actually place the data grid?? 



When I place this data grid 2 inside the “Widget”  and I select the Microflow that I created as you showed, the Data Source will not pick up “Task” and states “Unknown” despite the fact that i have “Task” as the parameter in the microflow. This means I cannot choose Attribute “Task Name” in the Inner Grid. 





I guess I’m not totally understanding the purpose of the “Outer” and “Inner” Data Grids? What am I doing wrong?