Error while validating the two string fields

Hello Team , While i am validating the two string feilds , there is an issue  $AccountGroupVendor/NRLowLimit <= $AccountGroupVendor/NRHighlimit  for this condition i am passing 9000 in field 1 and 10000 in field 2 even it is the true it travels in false path in microflow . for lower values like first field as 11 and second fields as 12 it is working fine and travels in true path .  
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Hi Sunkura,


It looks to me that you are evaluating against a different NRHighLimit. (Use the debugger to check). It could be that NRHighLimit was committed before or still has the default value from the domain model, and the 10000 is not committed yet.


If it doesn’t break functionality of stored values of NRHighLimit , you can set an Event to the “NR high limit” GUI element. Set Events  → On change to ”Save changes”. I can see that NRhighLimit was filled in before NRLowLimit so you want to consider doing the same for the use case where you fill in NRLowLimit first and after that NRHighLimit 


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