Changing dynamic text in a tab title

I have a piece of text in the title of a tab on a page, that has dynamic text. On double click I can change the caption, but cannot remember or find out how to change the value that is behind the {1} that I’ve highlighted. It should be plenty easy, but I’ve gone trough all the logical ways and cannot find out how it was initially set. Can anyone in the community give me pointers or the right place to change the value in, please? Thank you in advance.
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Hi Bart,

you can use Tab Extension widget. 

I don’t know is there any other possible way. I know there where some ideas for Mendix regarding this topic.

Kind regards,


Exactly, thank you so much. TabsExtension.mpk was used and by double-clicking that widget, the Attribute for dynamic text could be selected. Thanks for your help!