Unable to Download Different Versions of Studio Pro

Hello, I am attempting to complete “Intermediate” training session modules in Studio Pro, but before I am able to complete the tasks the module calls for, I am required to download a specific version of Studio Pro which differs from the version I currently have downloaded (9.18). Even though I am able to download the other versions, I receive a message telling me I need to log in as an Administrator or am unable to access the newer version and click the “convert in place” button, which directs me back to using version 9.18. I was wondering how I would be able to download and use the newer versions of Studio Pro so that I may continue the learning paths? Thank you. 
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The intermediate paths mostly call for an older version of Mendix than you have your project in now (9.18).

It is not possible to convert from the newer version back to the older version.

So you have 2 options:

1- Continue working on the learning path with the newer Mendix version (this will work and additional documents that are provided can be converted to the newer version)

2- Download the older version and create a new app for the path that you are currently following in stead of opening the app from the newer version.

My choice would be to use the newer version and see what issues you run into as these are the points where you probably learn the most.