How can I override the variables declared in the SCSS file by other SCSS file?

Hi,   I created the company_custom_design.scss and add one line as below to overwrite the variable declared in the custom_variables.   $brand-logo: "./img/samsung.png";   I modified the main.scss file as below to overwrite some variables declared in the custom_variables.scss file, but it doesn’t work, I meant that the variable $brand-logo didn’t change.   @import "custom-variables"; @import "company_custom_design";   So I changed it as below and it worked I expected.   .navbar-brand img {     background-image: url(./img/samsung.png); }   My question is; Isn’t it available to overwrite the value or expression in the existing SCSS file by another SCSS file? or do you have any insight how to do this?   I appreciate any response from you.  
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The reason this does not work, is that the Atlas_Core modules don’t import the main scss, but the custom-variables directly.


You could import your “company-custom-design” file at the bottom of the custom-variables file, this should overwrite the variables with the same name.