Cookie pop up show only one time

I configure a microflow in the navigation options, “home pages – default home page” that works as expected and shows the home page and a pop up with the cookies message. since i need to comeback to the homepage after enter the first time i need to make this pop up to show only ones at the beginning (the first time i enter the website), and not every time i open the home page. how?    
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Hi Constanza,


I think a easy way to check if the cookie popup should show up is to store the cookie preference of the user in the local storage. This way, the cookie preferences are remembered even when the user logs out. 
You could also use a boolean on account or cookie preference object linked to account and check if the user has already accepted/declined the cookie message.


Hope this helps,

Maarten Kroneman



Hi Constanza,


You need to have a Boolean that shows/hides this cookie. The Boolean can be set (not committed) to true every time the user logs in, and a new session is initiated. If the session ends the boolean will reset to its default state thus showing the cookie in the next login.