How to hide/close Popup Menu widget

I’ve a Popup menu widget and after i click on one of the items in the popup i want to close/hide the popup menu. I’ve tried to call a microflow or a nanoflow that the first action is to close the page and the second action is to show page, but that solution is not working. I also try a HTML snippet but it’s not supported by the Popup menu widget. 
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If anybody is looking for the popup menu widget to close after clicking on a button or something else and staying in the same page, you can use a small JavaScript action. So this is not closing a page or a modal/popup page but the widget popup menu.


I've build a color picker in the popup menu. When a user clicks a color it sets a border to a row in datagrid 2. (for all the people who are used to colorcode cells in Excel for instance).


I want the popup menu to close after clicking a color. A color is just a container with some css to make it the color it needs (it's a gallery element with a container in it. The class is set dynamically, based on colors added in the masterdata of this app). The popup menu closes when clicking next to an element or outside of the popup menu but not on the element that triggers a nanoflow or microflow. To achieve closing the popup menu you can add an empty container. Give that container a unique class name (no id's possible). In the nanoflow that is triggered by clicking a color I've added a simple Javascript action that closes the popup by "clicking" on the empty container.


Popup menu frontend:



Popup menu StudioPro:




JavaScript action code:




You just trigger this JavaScript action in your nanoflow to close the popup menu widget.


Hope this makes sense. Maybe somebody else has another solution?


Closing a popup using microflow or nanoflow with action close page should do the trick.

Are you sure the microflow/nanoflow is triggered?



Hi Rene, i added the image of the popup and the microflow.