XPath constraint in data grid

Hi , I have an entity called Task Activity where the user has to log task details like date , starttime, endtime, remarks, etc. I have an registration entity allowing anonymous user to sign in ,but in this entity I have also included Role as a dropdown attribute (There is a separate master table called Role Entity which has various roles like Lead, Engineer, Analyst, etc. ) for user to select during registration. One more attribute called ReportingTo (This is also a dropdown , the names of users who have role lead will be displayed in the dropdown). Attached sign up page and Domain model for reference;   My requirement is when the user who has role ‘lead’ is logging in , should be able to view the tasks submitted by the users who have selected his name has reporting to when signed up.   Note: I have only 2 module roles ‘Admin’ and ‘Guest’ (for anonymous user).   Thanks.    
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Hi Ramya Kumar,

You will have to maintain a primary key for the logged-in user such as email or employee id etc and the same has to be typed in Reporting to the section in the signup page. 


When a lead user roles login to the application you can use a DS microflow to retrieve all the registration objects which match the logged-in user employee id/ email id and show it on a page.